Billing Procedures

The Billing Department bills by the fifth of every month. Sewer rates are based on water consumption. The Water Districts supply the Billing Department with actual meter-readings once a month. After the readings are provided, the sewer rates are applied. Sewer bills are due upon receipt by the customer. The customer has 20 days from the statement date to pay the bill before a 10% penalty is applied. A sewer bill is considered past due if payment has not been made by the 20th day past the statement date.

Termination Procedures

When a bill has not been paid within 21 days of statement date, it is considered delinquent or past due. If the notice is not paid within 10 days after receipt of the bill, water service will be interrupted until payment or payment arrangements are made. If water service is interrupted, $20.00 disconnect fee and a $20.00 reconnection fee is applied. If there is no security deposit on file when a customer is terminated, a new $125.00 security deposit will be billed to the customer also.

Final Procedures

When a customer wishes to discontinue service because they will no longer be at the residence, a final bill will need to be generated. The customer will need to contact the Billing Department at (304) 263-8566 to make the necessary arrangements.

Water Service Providers Telephone Numbers

If there are any questions about whether water meter-readings are correct, the customer will need to contact the appropriate water service provider. The service providers and their phone numbers are provided below.

  • Berkeley County Public Service Water District

(304) 267-4600 251
251 Caperton Blvd
Martinsburg, WV 25403

  • City of Martinsburg

(304) 264-2131
PO Box 828
Martinsburg, WV 25401