The following are the regulations that have been adopted by the BERKELEY COUNTY PUBLIC SERVICE SEWER DISTRICT and must be complied with before the final connection to the main sewer can be made:

1. Installation shall be made in conformance with Berkeley County Public Service Sewer District standard details; copies of which are hereto attached.

2. SDR-26 heavy wall sewer pipe which is SDR-35 O.D. with SDR-26 wall thickness. A minium 4″ (four inch) diameter shall be used for all laterals and 6″ (6-inch) shall be used for all commercial laterals and also for double laterals with both services combining with the use of a 6″ x 4″ double wye fitting per standard detail.

3. Joints: Pipe joints shall be bell and hub gasketed pipe, and fittings. All bells shall be laid upgrade. No fernco couplings or fittings will be allowed; only factory assembled solvent weld joints will be acceptable.

4. Bends: No bends shall be greater than 45 degrees.

5. The building connection shall be laid at a uniform grade of not less than 2% (two percent), and not greater than 7% (seven percent). A drop connection shall be used to adjust steep grades as required. Steep grades will be permitted where topographic or other features warrant it.
2% – ¼” per ft. 1% = 1/8″ per ft.

6. Clean outs – All laterals shall have a clean out installed 2′ inside the property line, one clean out within 3′ of the building, and intermediate clean outs at no greater than 75′ (seventy-five feet) )intervals, as required. Cleanout caps shall be heavy duty cast iron, shall be coated with black asphaltum paint, and shall have a single piece gasket to produce a watertight seal. A threaded brass plug with a countersunk head shall be used with the cast iron casting. Anti-seize shall be applied on the treads to insure removal. All cleanouts installed in concrete asphalt, or gavel driveways or parking areas shall use a cast iron lamp hole for additional protection. All cleanouts shall be constructed with long sweep clean out tee wye. Straight tees or sanitary tee wyes are not acceptable.

7. Bedding – small size diameter gravel, CR-6 or #57 with a minimum of 6″ (six-inches) on the bottom and sides and 12″ (twelve inches over the top of the pipe).

8. All Lateral piping installed crossing driveways or within 3 L.F. of asphalt, Gravel, or any other road stabilization material shall be C-900, Class 200 pipe. Backfill in driveways shall be 100% gravel from bedding material to finish grade or to the bottom of paving material.

9. All service laterals with less than 4% slope shall include a clean check backwater valve with a removable flapper that is serviceable without excavation.

10. All sewer laterals serving customers with a private well or other private water supply or as otherwise directed by the District shall include a sewer control valve with a body designed to accept a removable screw plug for line closure. Valves shall be as manufactured by Kodiak Controls or approved equal.

11. No down spouts, surface, or subsurface water drains or sump pumps shall be connected to the building sewer.

12. The building sewer shall be maintained at no expense to the Berkeley County Public Service Sewer District.

13. It is required that the property owner check to assure that all building lines connected to the sanitary sewer are properly trapped and vented to assure that sewer gas does not enter the building.

14. The property owner (applicant) shall be held responsible for failure to comply with any of the provisions of this application.

15. No inspections will be made on weekends.

16. Inspection – should be arranged 48 hours in advance. Stone shall be placed over the pipe prior to inspection. No other backfill will be permitted until installation is accepted by District inspector.

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